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Ferda Boys is a webcomic series created, written and drawn by the extra skater.
It follows the lives of teen hockey players in a junior "C" team in countryside Ontario.

Some strips are more focused on their hockey routines while other ones tell
how the boys make it through their regular days: friends, family, school etc.

So it's not only a sports webcomic series, but also (and maybe mostly) a slice-of-life one.

Well, you get to know more about the main characters and their universe by reading
the strips. Thank you for giving a shot! 🙂

Ferda Boys is a work of fiction.
All the characters (and their names...) and events in Ferda Boys are fictional and were created by the extra skater (me).
Any resemblance to reality is entirely coincidental. 😎

To know more about Ferda Boys, check the character concepts page: as of now, only Norm Nobre is available.
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