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Ferda Boys is a webcomic series created, written and drawn by the extra skater.
It follows the lives of teen hockey players in a junior "C" team in countryside Ontario.

Some strips are more focused on their hockey routines while other ones tell
how the boys make it through their regular days: friends, family, school etc.

So it's not just a sports webcomic series, but also a slice-of-life one.

You get to know more about the main characters and this universe by reading the strips,
so thank you for giving a shot! 🙂

It's all trad, old-fashionably hand-drawn and hand-lettered, but coloured on computer. 😎

All the characters (and their names...) and events in Ferda Boys are fictional and were created by the extra skater (me).
Any resemblance to reality is purely coincidental.

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