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About hockey webcomics
HockeyWebcomics.com is a website dedicated to publish hockey comics
written and drawn by the extra skater (that guy on your left).

There's also the tribute comic to Stanley Cup champions that will, of course, be
published once in the year starting from 2017.
Check it out: 2017; 2018; 2019.

Disclaimer: original comics
All the stories in HockeyWebcomics.com were created by the extra skater.
All the characters, teams and other entities, situations and places described in
HockeyWebcomics.com are entirely fictional original creations of the extra skater.
Any resemlance with reality or with other works of fiction is purely coincidental.

Disclaimer: tribute comics
All the tribute stories in HockeyWebcomics.com were written and drawn
by the extra skater. All the real teams and people depicted in these comics
are portrayed as a tribute and in entirely fictional way.